Access to Summation / Ediscovery legacy - On or after June 15th, 2022 Internet Explorer will no longer function or be supported. AD eDiscovery and AD Summation depend on Internet Explorer and Silverlight which will not run in any other browser.

How do I get IE Mode running on Edge? 



You will need a silverlight installer. 

1: From the program ISO navigate to: \AccessData Solution Installers\05-MAP\ISSetupPrerequisites\{0D1C1DB6-0D7E-4A00-BC62-3AACD9F6D8A3} Find and install silverlight

2: In your edge browser go to settings, then navigate to "default browser"

3: Look for "Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode" select "allow"

4: Find "Internet Explorer mode pages" Click add and add the site (summation/edisco webpage URL)

Click refresh or close and reopen the edge browser



On June 15th, 2022 Microsoft Internet Explorer will be no longer be supported.


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