The Enterprise Agent Installer Creator allows you to create a single, self-extracting, installer that contains the Enterprise Agent MSI, your agent public certificate, and common agent parameters.

The generated EXE must run with elevated (Administrator) permissions on the machine where you'd like to install the Agent. It will uninstall any existing Agents, then install the selected Agent with the configured parameters.


This tool uses 7z SFX to build a self-executing archive. This can sometimes be miscategorized as a Trojan by some malware scanners.






  1. Browse to your desired Agent MSI (the version of the selected Agent will be shown in the lower-right)
  2. Browse to your desired agent Public Certificate
  3. If desired, do the following:
    1. Enter a custom Install Path for the Agent
    2. Enter a custom Port for the Agent
    3. Enter the Root/Parent Site Server that on-network Agents should check in to, in the format FQDN/IP:Port
    4. Enter the Public Site Server that off-network Agents should check in to, in the format FQDN/IP:Port
    5. Enter a custom Temporary Storage Size, in bytes
    6. Enter a custom Configuration Storage Size, in bytes
    7. Select whether or not the Agent should use use the Windows Protected Storage service
    8. Select whether or not the Agent should Dissolve and uninstall itself after reboot or after a specified timespan
    9. Select whether or not the resulting Agent installer should Install Silently
  4. Click Create Installer and provide a location and name to output the resulting EXE
  5. Run the resulting EXE on any Windows machine you'd like to install the Agent on

Note: This tool will also create a TXT file with details such as Agent version, certificate name, and parameters, about the created installer.