Agent sync time between databases

From version 7.5.2 and below of FTK Central, updates between ssdb.public.contacts (Site Server - PostgreSQL) and edisocvery.dbo.Computers/ADG.ADG7x1.cmn_DataSources (Application - MSSQL) are restricted to 1 hour by default when using agents with the heart beat functionality enabled. This can be addressed with the addition of a configuration key that can be added in the ADGWeblabSelfHost.exe.config file.

Configuration Key

  • EdiscoAgentSyncTimeInMins – This key allows users to set a specific time in which the site server and application databases sync.

How to configure these keys?

The key required for configuration can be added to FTKC 7.5.2 and below. It should be added to the configuration file located in the ADGWeblabSelfHost.exe.config file located in C:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\7.5\bin.

This will be addressed in a future release with the default value being set to 15 minutes. At the time of article creation, this configuration is required.






1 = 1 Minutes

2 = 2 Minutes



The value represents the time in minutes; when the database synchronisation will be completed.

<add key=”EdiscoAgentSyncTimeInMins” value=”15” />


This example would allow both site server and application databases to sync in 15 minutes. 


If this configuration key is not added, users will see synchronisation time of 1-hour.

This configuration doesn’t work?

  • Ensure the Exterro service has been restarted.
  • Ensure the config file has been saved.
  • Ensure the syntax is correct.
  • Ensure the version you are testing this on is 7.5.2 or below.