How do I change the Internal Authentication password used by the internal ADG MSSQL Logins?


  • Forensic Tools or newer
  • MSSQL for the backend database



  1. Stop all AccessData services and programs.
  2. On the application server, and any machines with AccessData clients, do the following:
    1. Open DBConfig as Administrator.
    2. Highlight the desired database connection and click Edit Configuration.
    3. Click the lock next to Internal Authentication Mode.
    4. Select Database Authentication in the drop-down.
    5. Enter your new Database Password.
    6. Check whether Logins should enforce the domain's Password Policy.
    7. Click Connect.
    8. At the Administrator Authorization dialog, enter/select credentials with sysadmin permissions in MSSQL and click OK.
  3. Restart any AccessData services.


  • If multiple machines are pointed to the database, DBConfig will need to be updated with the new password on all other machines with the above steps.