• Additional Multimedia Carvers
    • Which Multimedia Carvers are included?
    • How to add Custom Carvers in FTK?
      • From the Case-List
      • From within a Case

Additional Multimedia Carvers

With the release of FTK 7.5.2, additional multimedia carvers have been created (Existing carvers below have been rewritten). These additional custom carvers can be imported using FTK. Custom carvers can be used during case creation pre-processing and additional analysis. 

You can download these additional multimedia carvers at the bottom of this article.

Which Multimedia Carvers are included?



Blu-Ray - M2TSBuilt-in 
Fuji RAW - RAFBuilt-in 
4xM List MovieCustom Carver Provided
Adobe Encapsulated Postscript - EPSCustom Carver Provided
Archive 7ZipCustom Carver Provided
Avi InterleaveCustom Carver Provided
Avi List InterleaveCustom Carver Provided
BBThumbsCustom Carver Provided
Canon Digital Camera RAW File - CRWCustom Carver Provided
Corel Binary Metafile - CMXCustom Carver Provided
Corel DrawCustom Carver Provided
Corel Photopaint File - CPTCustom Carver Provided
Flash - MP4Custom Carver Provided
GIMP File - XCFCustom Carver Provided
High Efficient - HEICCustom Carver Provided
Kodak Cineon Image - CINCustom Carver Provided
Minolta Raw - MRMCustom Carver Provided
PaintShop Pro - PSPCustom Carver Provided
PaperPort ScannedCustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - 3GPCustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - 3GP 3G2Custom Carver Provided
Quicktime - 3GP 3GACustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - 3GP OtherCustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - M4ACustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - M4BCustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - M4VCustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - MP4-DASHCustom Carver Provided
Quicktime - MP4-MULTICustom Carver Provided
QuickTime Movie 7 - MOVCustom Carver Provided
Radiance High Dynamic Range Image File - HDRCustom Carver Provided
RAR Archive - RARCustom Carver Provided
Real Media - RMCustom Carver Provided
RIFF WebP - WEBPCustom Carver Provided
Sony RAW - ARWCustom Carver Provided
T1Custom Carver Provided
Win - WMFCustom Carver Provided
WIN Thumbs Cache File - DBCustom Carver Provided
Windows Account PictureCustom Carver Provided
Word Perfect Text and Graphics - WP, WPD, WPG, WPP, WPS, WP6Custom Carver Provided
ZSOFT Paintbrush File 3 - PCXCustom Carver Provided

How to add Custom Carvers in FTK?

From the Case-List

  1. Login to FTK.
  2. Within the case-list, click Manage.
  3. Click Carvers to open the Manage Shared Custom Carvers menu.
  4. Click Import.
  5. Click on a custom carver file (.XML) or multiple.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Click Close.

From within a Case

  1. Click Manage.
  2. Click Carvers.
  3. Click Manage Carvers (Non-admin users) or Manage Shared Carvers.
  4. Click Import.
  5. Click on a custom carver file (.XML) or multiple.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Click Close.

The Custom Carver files available have been reviewed by Exterro for basic functionality ONLY. Since every investigation varies, we cannot guarantee that these Custom Carvers will recover all of the data files you are targeting. Exterro recommends that you review the Custom Carver files intended output prior to using it in a case or relying on it as the basis for any professional opinion. While described behaviour has been found to be consistent, different platforms or software versions may produce different results.