Configuration Key

  • ProductType – This key allows users to set a specific product type; controlling what they see in the Grid when using the "No Duplicates" (FTK) and "Remove Duplicates" (FTK Central) filter as well as (by default) applying specific quick filters.

How to configure these keys?

The keys required for configuration are available from FTK/C 7.5.1+. They are located in the ADGWeblabSelfHost.exe.config file located in C:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\7.5\bin.







ediscovery = exact duplicates are hidden in the review population but attachments are not.

Additionally the following quick filters are applied:

  • Hide Duplicates

  • Ediscovery Refinement

  • Hide Containers

  • Hide Bookmarks in Files List

forensics = all duplicates hidden in the review population based on the hash.

<add key=” ProductType” value=”forensics” />


This example would not display duplicates within the Grid. This includes attachments.

When the value is set as "ediscovery", the application will behave like legacy (Summation).

"ediscovery" will only use the cmn_ObjectDuplicates DB table to hide objects within the Grid.

"forensics" will use both cmn_ObjectDuplicates& cmn_ObjectHashDuplicates DB tables to hide objects within the Grid.

Item counts will differ between the two key values.

FTK Central 7.6+ Update

With the release of FTK Central 7.6, users are now able to control the quick filters applied during case creation. If the ProductType is set as ediscovery then the quick filters listed above will be selected above. The ProductType set as forensics will not have these quick filters selected during case creation. These filters can be toggled.