When opening a case in Summation Pro, an error appears at the top:

"This index is not optimized for review, click here to index."



Click the error button to reindex with "Summation" settings. Note: this will replace the dtSearch index with a larger index that contains additional content.


Additional Note: If you primarily perform searches in FTK/Lab, you can ignore the error and keep the index as is. If you want to avoid the error in the future, then when creating a case in FTK/LAB, choose either the "Ediscovery" or the "Summation" processing profile.



Standard FTK/Lab forensic processing profiles (e.g. the "Forensic" processing profile) do not include metadata from fielded data in the dtSearch index. However, the "Ediscovery" and "Summation" processing profiles do include metadata from fielded data in the search index.


Applies To:

FTK/Lab and Summation Pro/eDiscovery