Devices: Supported Windows Mobile OS devices (Not Windows Phone OS)
Type of Capture: Logical


  1. Install the Windows Mobile drivers from the MPE+ Driver Pack.
  2. Power on the device.
  3. In the "USB to PC" options on the phone, enable "ActiveSync" and "Enable faster data synchronization".
  4. Connect the device with the proper cable. Windows Mobile Device Center should see the device, but do not tell it to connect.
  5. Click the "Select Device" button on the Main toolbar in MPE+.
  6. Select the proper Manufacture and Model from the dropdowns.
  7. Click "Connect".
  8. If prompted on the phone to install the OxygenEngine.dll, accept and allow the installation.
  9. Proceed to acquire the data you want.


  • If a Windows Mobile device isn't explicitly listed as supported, you can often still perform the extraction by selecting "Windows Mobile Phone" in the Manufacturer drop-down and "Generic Windows Mobile Phone" in the Model drop-down.