Devices: Most BlackBerry Phones, Prior to BlackBerry OS 10
Type of Capture: Logical


  1. Install the "BlackBerry" and "BlackBerry (COM support)" drivers via Driver Management in MPE+.
  2. Power on the phone.
  3. Connect the device with the proper cable.
  4. Click the "Select Device" button on the Main toolbar in MPE+.
  5. Select "BlackBerry" in the Manufacturer drop-down.
  6. Select "Generic" in the Model drop-down.
  7. Click "Connect".
  8. When prompted in MPE+, enter the phone's password/PIN. If the device has no password/PIN, leave this field blank. If the device is also using encryption, enter the password/PIN on the device itself.
  9. Proceed to acquire the data you want.


  • BlackBerry keyboards contain both letters and numbers on the same keys, using the ALT key to switch between the two. Often, the device password/PIN is actually comprised of letters even though you might think you're entering numbers. For example, the password/PIN '1234' might actually be actually 'wers'.