1. Ensure the latest versions of CodeMeter Runtime and License Manager are installed
  2. Ensure your CodeMeter dongle is connected and has a current MPE+ nFIELD license
  3. If needed, download the MPE+ nFIELD ISO from http://accessdata.com/product-download/digital-forensics
  4. Insert the MPE+ nFIELD DVD or mount the ISO
  5. If setup does not start automatically, run the included "autorun.exe" from the DVD/ISO
  6. Select "Install MPE+ nFIELD"
  7. Let the installer run all the way through, installing all prerequisites
  8. Start MPE+ nFIELD and install any desired additional drivers


  • If moving from MPE+ Tablet to MPE+ nFIELD, you will need to remove the MPE+ Tablet software prior to installing MPE+ nFIELD. You may also need to speak with your account rep to obtain an MPE+ nFIELD license.
  • If you are prompted to reboot your PC during the installation, please choose to restart later and then restart your PC after MPE+ has run for the first time.
  • Please pay attention to warnings and popups and make sure to allow any and all drivers to install.
  • Some driver prompts may be covered by the MPE+ splash screen or window, so you should pay attention for installers showing up in the Task Bar.
  • If you choose to reboot your PC or disallow any drivers to be installed, you may need to manually restart/resume the installation process.