Introduction: Sometimes, diagnosing an issue with MPE+ can be difficult and may necessitate reviewing MPE+ debug data.  The following will allow you to capture debug output from MPE+ which can then be reviewed by us.


  1. Download and unzip the attached
  2. Quit MPE and make sure all MPE related process are stopped
  3. Open “%AppData%\AccessData\.ApplicationSetting.GlobalSettings.settings” in Notepad
  4. Add the following line before the closing tag and save the file: MPEIsTheForensicLeader
  5. Start Dbgview.exe and agree to the licensing terms
  6. Under the “Computer” menu in DebugView, make sure the local PC is selected
  7. Start MPE+
  8. Reproduce the steps to trigger the reported issue
  9. In DebugView go to File>Save and save the log


For physical extractions of iOS devices, you should also collect the additional log found at "%AppData%\AccessData\dp\k\iPhoneLogFile.txt".