If OCR is enabled on processing options, documents that weren't OCR'd can't be OCR'd a second time.



  1. Download the tool attached to this article, extract it, run the setup as administrator. You should install this tool on your Summation server, and be logged in as the service account.
  2. Filter Facet by File Category -> Documents
  3. Search for Fulltext Fails AND OCRtext Fails
  4. Label objects that need OCRing
  5. Run the tool
  6. Enter the name of your SQL server
  7. Choose your label from step 4
  8. Kick off a bulk ocr job on the labeled documents.




If a document has its OCR flag set in the database Summation will skip that file if it is set to true.


Applies to:

eDiscovery 5.6.3

Summation Pro 5.6.3

FTK Central 7.5

FTK Central 7.5.1