Devices: Most BlackBerry devices, Prior to BlackBerry OS 10
Source Image: BlackBerry IPD/BBB backup file


  1. Obtain an IPD backup of the phone with BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1 (download password: blackberry) or a BBB backup of the phone with BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7.1 (download password: blackberry).
  2. Open MPE+.
  3. Select the parser for "IPD/BBB" from the Tools toolbar.
  4. Select the BlackBerry IPD or BBB backup file to import.
  5. When prompted, enter the phone's/backup's password/PIN. If the device/backup has no password/PIN, leave this field blank.
  6. Select the data types you wish to parse out and click "Extract".


  • BlackBerry keyboards contain both letters and numbers on the same keys, using the ALT key to switch between the two. Often, the device password/PIN is actually comprised of letters even though you might think you're entering numbers. For example, the password/PIN '1234' might actually be actually 'wers'.