When browsing to https:/// for Summation Pro or eDiscovery you get "Page Cannot Be Displayed" or "You're not connected to a network" before even getting to the login page.


Possible Causes

There are many possible causes for this issue, but these are the most common.

  • You specified HTTP instead of HTTPS in the URL.  Our service runs over HTTPS.
  • You specified an incorrect server in the URL.  The server should be the machine that has "AccessData MAP" on it.
  • The server name specified in the URL hasn't propagated correctly over your network's DNS.  Try accessing it via the server's IP instead.
  • IIS is stopped.  Make sure IIS is started on the machine running "AccessData MAP".
  • IIS does not have a certificate bound to HTTPS traffic.  See this article for instructions on binding a certificate in IIS.