Upon installing WCF Services, the message below appears:

"The wizard was interrupted before AccessData WCF Services could be completely install"

This may also be accompanied by the following message in the Windows Event Viewer:

"Failed to end a Windows Installer transaction . Error 5 occurred while ending the transaction."

or this message in the installer log:

"Installation success or error status: 1603."



Try using another Admin account in the User Credentials dialog of the WCF installer because certain special characters in the password, like quote " or pipe |, can cause the interruption.  This will set the services to run under that account, but you can manually change them to use the service account after the installation.

If the error persists:

1. Completely remove IIS and App Server Roles, MAP, and WCF

2. Reboot server

3. Reinstall WCF and MAP


(Note: In some instances, a complete reinstall of the operating system from a Windows DVD or ISO may be required)



In one scenario, this error was caused by the Async Processing Services as the WCF Services and Work Manager, when installed individually, completely successfully.  The root cause is still unknown, but believe to be a corruption of MSDTC, IIS, or other root component of the Async component.