Symptom: You get error 1920 or other errors while installing PosgreSQL.


  1. Verify the PostgreSQL/FTK ISO's MD5 with the on listed on the Download page to ensure a complete download
  2. Make sure the PostgreSQL ISO is mounted from an internal drive
  3. Run the installer as Administrator (right-click>Run as Administrator)
  4. Install PostgreSQL to an internal, NTFS formatted, drive that has full security permissions set for the PC it's in (make sure there aren't any write-blockers blocking the drive)
  5. When specifying a path to install the pgdata folder to, make sure to specify a full path, not just a drive letter (eg. use "D:\pgdata\" not "D:\")
  6. Remember that the PostgreSQL username is "postgres" when trying to connect FTK to PostgreSQL for the first time
  7. Remember to create a password when prompted in the installer


If the above steps don't work, you may need to manually install PostgreSQL.  

Another common cause of this error is insufficient permissions on the location for the "pgData" folder. This will prevent the installer from creating the database files and will throw errors in the system Event Log (e.g., "postgres cannot access the server configuration file "D:/AccessData/pgData93/postgresql.conf": No such file or directory"). Providing the Service Account with explicit permission to the directory should resolve the error.