When opening Summation iBlaze or Summation Enterprise, an error message similar to the following is displayed:

There was a problem reading security from \\summation\blaze\Admin. Please contact your SysAdmin.



To load security information for a specific case, Summation iBlaze accesses the .ci file for that case. The .ci file contains a reference to the \admin\ directory, which contains case-specific security information. However, if the .ci file contains an incorrect reference, Summation iBlaze cannot verify security for the case, and the error message will result as soon as the program launches.



The .ci file can be updated by running the Verify Case Info Files function in the Summation Administrator Console. The Administrator Console must be run from the proper location in order for the .ci file to update correctly.

The basic procedure is to verify that all users have logged out of Summation, verify the correct location for running the Administrator Console, and run the Verify Case Info Files utility. The Administrator Console should be run from the Summation program directory that stores the case data. In particular, to correct the security information for a network case, the Administrator Console must be run from the network machine. Running the Administrator Console from a standalone installation will not update the security information for network cases properly. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the \Blaze\ directory that contains the CaseData folder for the cases you are trying to access. The \Blaze\ directory will also contain an Admin folder.

Steps To Follow:

1) Verify that all users have logged out of Summation.

2) Browse to the Admin folder via a UNC path and double-click the "SwAdmin.exe" within the Admin folder to run the Administrator Console outside of Summation (note: the Admin console EXE for Enterprise is named "SWAdminSSE.exe").

3) After entering the administrator password, the following warning message is displayed:
“It is preferred that the Admin Console always be run from within Summation. If you must run the Admin Console, be sure to run it from a network location.”

Click OK to enter the Administrator Console.

4) Select the Groups tab and click the Case Options button near the bottom of the dialog box.

5) Select "Verify Case Info Files" to update the .ci file. The .ci file security path setting is updated to the same directory that the Administrator Console (the SwAdmin.exe program) is run from. Summation iBlaze can be started and operated normally.


Applies to:

Summation iBlaze

Summation Enterprise