How can I install and link FTK to my existing Summation\eDiscovery environment?



  • An existing Summation\eDiscovery environment
  • FTK installation media


  • At least the first two version numbers of both Summation\eDiscovery and FTK must be the same.  For example, FTK 5.6.4 should be used with Summation 5.6.3.
  • The ADG database must have been originally created using the "AccessData Default Password" Authentication Mode in DBConfig.



  1. Mount the FTK ISO using an ISO mounter like winCDEmu, or burn the ISO to a disk
  2. Start the disk's autorun.exe
  3. At the splash screen, click "FTK Install 64-Bit"
  4. In the "AccessData FTK Suite" dialog, hit Next and accept the license agreement
  5. Select to do an "Advanced" setup
  6. Check only the "Forensic Tool Kit" box and click Install
  7. Follow the steps to complete the installation
  8. Start FTK and provide it with the database type and location of your Summation database



  • In a one-box Summation\eDiscovery setup, FTK must be installed on the same machine as Summation.  In a distributed Summation setup, FTK must be installed on the same machine that has "WCF Services" and "Distributed Processing Manager" (or "Evidence Processing Engine").  This is because any products sharing a database should also share their processing engine(s).
  • Summation\eDiscovery and FTK permissions are separate, so you'll likely need to log in to FTK with the intial "Administrator" or "adg_admin" credentials created during the Summation\eDiscovery install, then go to Tools > Administer Users to grant FTK permissions to your other users.
  • If you're using MSSQL, it is recommended to set FTK to create each case in its own database