How do I disable Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for the Litigation Hold website?



  1. On the Web/Lithold server, open IIS
  2. Drill down to the "LitHold Notification" site.
  3. Under "Authentication", enable only "Anonymous Authentication" for the LitHoldNotification site
  4. Open the file "Web.config" in the directory "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\LitHoldNotification\"
  5. Edit the authentication section from this:

    to this:
    None" />
  6. Edit the following line: Change "?" to "0".
  7. Save the Web.config file
  8. Reset IIS (i.e., Start >> Run >> iisreset).



By default, the LitHold website is set to use IWA.  If the People in the system do not have a domain and proper username configured or the website isn't configured to utilize Active Directory (LDAP) authentication, they will not be able to access the LitHold site.