NOTE: This article content does not apply to version 6.x and later.


Long running jobs stay in a processing state and never complete in the worklist. This is most common on large imports of load files or predictive coding.


Before performing the below you will need to make sure users are not submitting jobs to the worklist during this time. This will be any job in the drop down at the bottom of the UI grid (OCR Documents, Label Assignments, Bulk Coding). The downtime to perform configuration change this is 15 minutes.

To resolve
1. Go to the server that has "AccessData Processing Services" Installed
2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
3. Expand out tree on the left side until you see "Application Pools" and select that component (REF Image A)
4. Right click on AsyncProcessingAppPool (REF Image A)
5. Choose Recycling... (REF Image A)
6. Uncheck Regular time intervals (REF Image B)
7. Click Next
8. Finish

REF Images:



Our worklist jobs go through our async processing which is hosted in an IIS App pool. By default IIS is set up to recycle at a regular interval regardless of work being performed. If your job is running when this event is triggered your job will not complete.


Applies to

Summation Pro version 5.6.3 and earlier

AD Ediscovery version 5.6.3 and earlier