How can I use the Geolocation functionality on a system without access to the internet (offline)?





  • Download the offline maps from here
  • Install the KFF and Geolocation


  1. Extract the offline maps to a location that can be accessed from your FTK-based
  2. Open your FTK-based application
  3. From the "Tools" menu, click "Preferences"
  4. Check the box "Use static map data"
  5. Browse to, and select, the "Offline Maps" folder you extracted in step 1
  6. Click "OK" in the Preferences dialog


  1. On the server running "AccessData MAP", extract the offline maps to the MAP installation folder (typically "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\MAP") such that the extracted maps are in "[path]\MAP\Offline Maps"
  2. Navigate to the MAP installation folder (typically "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\MAP")
  3. Open Web.config in a text editor
  4. Find the "OfflineGeoMapRelativePath" key
  5. Change the "value" of that key to "\Offline Maps\"
  6. Save your changes and recycle the services



This can be useful for systems that do not have access to the internet to avoid inherent "online" issues.