After you log into Summation Pro the screen goes completely white or stays in a loop at the AD Logo with 100%. To see the error message click F12 and reload the page. You should see the related error message.


1) Make sure you have the newest version of Internet Explorer (IE).
2) Add your Summation Pro website as a "Trusted Site" in IE.
3) Add your Summation Pro website to the "Compatibility View" settings in IE.

4) Increase the amount IE is allowed to use for cache space. (Internet Options > Settings > "Disk Space to Use". Change that to the max of 1024)

5) Make sure "Enterprise Mode" is unchecked in the Internet Explorer "Tools" menu.

Note: If "Enterprise Mode" is enabled, you will see the  icon in the Address Bar.

6) Uninstall and reinstall Silverlight

Note: If Silverlight is still causing problems after reinstall, please consider this article from Microsoft about fixing a corrupt Silverlight installation:  (

7) Refresh the dongle from our servers to ensure the local licensing information is not stale. Make sure to recycle services and IIS, afterwards, for the changes to take effect.


  • Your browser doesn't support our product (eg. Internet Explorer 8).
  • Internet Explorer is loading the web page in Enterprise Mode (which runs the site in IE8 compatibility mode).
  • The browser is blocking the webpage from loading Silverlight.
  • Silverlight is corrupt.
  • You have an incorrect license on the dongle (eg. Summation Express).


Applies to

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro