The Auxiliary Power Supply Cable allows you to power a phone when you don't have its battery or charger. Please note that this cable may not work with all phones, and it will not work with phones without removable batteries. It also may not work with tablets, which usually require a larger power source. Follow the steps below to use this cable properly:

  1. Connect both the "Extra Power" and "Data" USB male ends to the PC
  2. Remove the battery cover from the phone
  3. Find the battery pins in the device and determine which pin is positive and which pin is negative (there may be + and - symbols printed near the battery pins, or you may need to look up pictures of the device's battery to determine the pole layout)
  4. Connect one of the black (negative) alligator clips to the negative pin on the phone
  5. Connect the red (positive) alligator clip to the positive pin on the phone
  6. Power on the device (if the device doesn't power on, it may have two negative pins, requiring the second black alligator clip to also be connected, or you may have connected the poles backwards)
  7. After the phone powers up, connect the appropriate data cable to the USB female end of the Auxiliary Power Supply Cable and then connect that to the device
  8. Install the proper drivers and process the phone with MPE+