When installing an AccessData Service, you receive the error "Account verification failed".  This error can be presented during any of the following installations:

  • AccessData MAP
  • AccessData WCF Services
  • AccessData Distributed Processing Manager
  • AccessData Distributed Processing Engine



  1. Make sure you are logged into Windows using your chosen service account, and that the service account has full Administrator permissions on the local machine.
  2. Open a Command Prompt
  3. Run the command whoami (this will return the domain and user you are logged in as, in the form domain/user if you're on a domain or in the form machine_name/user if you're in workgroup)
  4. Back at the User Credentials dialog in the AccessData installer, fill in the fields appropriately:
    User name: This should be the user reported in step 3
    Domain: This should be the domain reported in step 3 (if you're not on a domain, leave this field blank)
    Password: This should be the password for the user name entered
  5. Click "Next" and Windows will validate the credentials and allow the installation to proceed.



This is an error from Windows indicating a problem with the credentials entered during the installation.