Introduction: Sometimes, diagnosing an issue with processing can be difficult and may necessitate reviewing debug data.  The following will allow you to capture debug output from the Processing Engine which can then be reviewed by Exterro Support.  This can be used with any Forensic Tools product that makes use of the Processing Engine.


  1. Confirm there are no active processing jobs
  2. Open your case/project folder
  3. Create an empty file named debuglogs.txt in that case folder
  4. Start a new processing job to reproduce the reported issue


  • Debug Logs must be enabled on a case-by-case basis.
  • The existence of the debuglogs.txt file is an indicator to trigger additional logging. The additional logs are actually stored in the "Jobs" folder and its subfolders within the case folder.
  • After you have collected the desired logs, you should delete the debuglogs.txt file to prevent the logs from growing too large.
  • Some logs may be in compressed format and cannot be viewed until decompressed. Add an extension for a compressed file format (e.g. append ".gz" or ".7z") and decompress (e.g. using 7zip).