When running any EP job (processing, additional analysis, production, export, etc.) in a distributed processing environment, you receive the error "The local processing engine is disabled. This job cannot be processed without the local processing engine."  The JobError.job also says "RequireLocalProcessing is True, and LocalProcessingEngineAvailable is False."



  1. In FTK, go to Evidence > Add/Remove
  2. Make sure the paths for all pieces of evidence are UNC paths and NOT local paths. Update path with UNC path if any are currently local.
  3. In FTK, look at the Information Screen for the project and verify the "Case Path" is a UNC path and NOT a local path. Update path with UNC path if they are currently local.

UNC path Example: \\Server\Share\Case
Local Path Example: C:\Share\Case

Additionally, if you are attempting an export and get this message, make sure the export location you have selected is a UNC path and not a local path.



If any paths are local paths, any jobs involving the EP will always try to use local processing instead of distributed processing.