Deploying a Summation Pro shortcut

Description: When we want to put this link on everyone's desktop in an environment:



Here's how:

  1. Right click on a desktop and choose new Shortcut
    1. Type in the URL example Https:\\\ADG.Map.Web
    2. Next and name the shortcut example “Summation Pro” above.
    3. After link created you can change the icon by right clicking on the shortcut and choosing properties.
    4. To add the AccessData icon
      1. Copy the C:\Program Files (x86)\AccessData\MAP\ADIcon32x32.ico to a shared directory that all users can see. \\server\sharedshortcut
    5. Click Change Icon and use UNC path \\server\sharedshortcut\ADIcon32x32.ico

  1. Deploy the URL file to users’ desktop.


NOTE: This location \\server\sharedshortcut\ADIcon32x32.ico will need to be shared to all users with read permissions.