How do I reinstall PostgreSQL (a.k.a., Postgres or PG)



A clean reinstall of PostgreSQL requires a complete uninstall followed by a new install.

Uninstall Postgres

  1. Perform any necessary case backups.
  2. Uninstall AccessData PostgreSQL via Programs and Features (Vista/7/2008) or Add/Remove Programs (XP/2003).
  3. Delete the pgData folder (the folder name and location is chosen during installation, but is "C:\pgData" by default).
  4. Delete any remaining Postgres folders under the "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" directories.

Install Postgres

  1. Mount the FTK ISO
  2. Right click and open the mounted drive.
  3. Open to the following path ?:\FTK\FTK\x64\{C32BC7B7-3086-44FD-8A90-9EC47966B4B7}
    v7.2 + :\Forensic_Tools\Tools\x64\{C32BC7B7-3086-44FD-8A90-9EC47966B4B7}
  4. Right-click on PostgreSQLSetup_x64.exe > Run as Administrator.
  5. Create and record a database administrator password when prompted during the PostgreSQL install.
  6. Install PostgreSQL to an internal drive that has full security permissions set for the host PC.
  7. Remember that the PostgreSQL username is "postgres.



Reinstalling Postgres can be useful when starting over with a new install of FTK.