FTK won't open, and you get an error message with code 0xc0000142.


  • Another application has registered a version of a needed DLL that is unusable by FTK.
  • Windows system files are corrupt.

Things to try:

  • Uninstall any conflicting applications (see below)
  • Disable any anti-virus and firewall software
  • Reinstall FTK (not the database)
  • Run a system file check ("sfc /scannow" from a Command Prompt)

Applications known to cause this issue:
Adobe 64-bit extender
Amazon 1Button App
Kaspersky (Antivirus)
NVIDIA GeForce Experience (Game optimizing and recording addon)
SearchCore Toolbar (Browser hijacking malware. Remove virus (Removal Instructions)
SearchProtect (Browser hijacking malware. How to remove Conduit Search redirect (Virus Removal Guide)
Process Optimizer
SolarWinds TFTP Server

Using Process Explorer to find other applications that may cause this issue:

  1. Download, unzip, and run Microsoft's Process Explorer (be sure to run it as Administrator).
  2. Enable View > Show Lower Pane.
  3. Enable View > Lower Pane View > DLLs.
  4. Start FTK, and leave the error message on the screen.
  5. In the upper pane of Precess Explorer, find and highlight "ftk.exe".
  6. The lower pane will list the DLLs that FTK is trying to access.
  7. In the lower pane, under the "Path" column, look for any paths that are not in FTK's installation directory or under the Windows folder. Paths that seems out of place will typically be associated with the offending application.