If your MPE+ license is stored on a physical CodeMeter dongle, you can simply install MPE+ and the CodeMeter software on another PC and connect the dongle to that PC when you wish to run MPE+.
If your MPE+ license is stored in a Virtual CodeMeter (usually the case with the MPE+ tablet) you will first need to move your MPE+ license to a physical CodeMeter dongle through the following steps:

  1. Make sure the machine with the Virtual CodeMeter is connected to the internet.
  2. Open AccessData License Manager.
  3. Under the Licenses tab, select the checkbox next to the entry for "FTK Mobile Phone Examiner".
  4. Click "Remove License" and click "Yes" when prompted.
  5. On another PC, make sure you are connected to the internet and insert a physical CodeMeter dongle.
  6. Open AccessData License Manger.
  7. Under the Licenses tab, click "Add Existing License".
  8. On the web page that opens up, select the checkbox next to the unbound "Mobile" license.
  9. Click "Bind", then switch back to License Manager and click "Yes" when prompted.