If a user is trying to open a case using FTK and they see a message "In order to run this product your database must first be updated please login as an application administrator", check to make sure there is a valid value in the SchemaVersion field in the [Schema].cmn_Cases table. 

NOTE: The value of [Schema] will vary depending on the version of the software. For example, the table name in version 5.2.0 of FTK would be ADG56.cmn_Cases. The table name in version 5.6.0 of FTK would be ADG510.cmn_Cases.

  1. Open your SQL management software (e.g., SQL Management Studio for MSSQL or PGAdmin3 for PostgreSQL).
  2. Select the ADG database and expand the tables.
  3. Right-click on [Schema].ADG.cmn_Cases and select "Select top 1000 rows".
  4. Look for the SchemaVersion column and check for any entry that says NULL.
  5. Update the NULL value to match the values for the other entries.