Emails that had loaded in the native viewer previously now fail to load. You will find an error in the system log

 Error in executing GetEvidenceObjectProperties. ObjectId: 4255 EvidenceObjectPropertyFlags: ViewInfo, ObjectStreams: GetEvidenceObjectProperties threw one or more exceptions. Details:
FtkBusinessServiceException: GetFileStream failed for fileId:4255, stream type: Native.. at ADG.DAL.DalBase.HandleErrorCode(FtkErrorCode errorCode, String message, Object[] messageArgs)
at ADG.DAL.EvidenceViewDal.GetFileStream(Int64 fileId, ObjectExternalStreamType type, Boolean cache)
at ADG.BusinessServices.Implementation.Api.EvidenceItemFileService.GetFileStream(ObjectExternalStreamType type, Boolean doHitHighlighting, Boolean cache)
at ADG.BusinessServices.Implementation.Api.EvidenceItemFileService.GetEvidenceItemViewInfo()
at ADG.BusinessServices.BusLogic.ObjectApiWrapper.GetEvidenceObjectViewInfo(Int64 objectId)
at ADG.BusinessServices.BusLogic.ObjectApiWrapper.<>c__DisplayClass6b.b__5b()
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InvokeFuture(Object futureAsObj)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
; Error number: b8f09a1e-e6cc-4cc1-b04c-ddbf4768bd5c


Data loaded via Import

  1. Reload the Native links in a load file. Use Update during import.

Data loaded via Add Evidence

  1. Place the data in the originally processed location as shown on the Evidence Window.

Data loaded via Add Evidence (2nd Resolution)

  1. Find the ObjectID of the PST in the Summation User Interface.
  2. Navigate to the Project Folder Path (Case Data) location. This can be found on the Case Information screen. Example path: \\work-pc\Share\Case\d9f8f387-c19f-4081-93a7-17775644ec2a\
  3. Locate the PST ObjectID in the Native Folder. Example result: \\work-pc\Share\Case\d9f8f387-c19f-4081-93a7-17775644ec2a\Native\0\2.DAT
  4. Recopy the original PST to that same location replacing the file mentioned in step 3.
  5. Recycle Services may be required


Import Cause:

This most commonly occurs when multiple load files are being loaded during import, i.e. dii then dat file. When the dii contains the native if you then import the dat file with meta data fields that were already populated from the native. This causes the application to use the 2nd imported data. We have the ability to populate the Native Viewer when all fields necessary fields are given on an import.

Add Evidence Cause:

The Project Folder (Case Data) is the location where we can store cached versions of PSTs. This is done usually after a Production or Export. If that copy fails to copy down all the way due to a system event or network blip the native viewer attempts to use this corrupt PST to populate the viewer, causing it to fail.

The majority of time we path back to the originally processed location. If the path is changed or data is moved from that location the Native Viewer will stop working.