Please refer to the Summation Pro user guide for detailed instructions on how to perform the actions below.

Note: (attached to this help article) contains sample data that can be used in steps 3 and 4.


1) Log in with Super Admin (Created During Installation)

2) Create Case, Create User, Create Roles (Admin and case/project)

3) Add Evidence and associate to custodian (PST, NSF, efiles, AD1, mixture)

a) Check for completed status on case.

b) Simple search--search for values known to be in evidence.

    • Verify hits are highlighted.

c) Confirm Native Viewer populates (Natural Panel).

d) Prepare a document for Native redaction.

    • Apply Redaction

4) Import Dii

a) Confirm completed Status

b) Perform a simple search

    • Verify hits are highlighted.

c) Verify Natural/Image panels populate.

d) Confirm Text panel is populated.

5) Create Transcript Group

a) Upload Transcript

b) Upload Exhibit

c) Confirm transcripts are searchable

6) Generate Image and SWF

  • Apply Redaction

7) Bulk Label Evidence

8) Create/Add editable fields

  • Modify editable fields

9) Create Document Group from step 7 label

10) Create Tagging Layout

  • Create Bulk Code

11) Cluster Analysis

a) Open Similar panel confirm it is populated

b) Open Conversation panel confirm it is populated

c) Click record hyperlinks in Similar and Conversation and verify the Pop up windows populate.

12) Create a production set

  • Check production history for completion

13) Export Image with Redaction (using export set or production set).

a) Choose Native Redaction

b) Choose Image Redaction

14) Delete Project