None of the active FTK users have Application Administrator rights.



  1. Open a Command Prompt (as Administrator)
  2. Navigate to the PostgreSQL installation directory (usually "C:\Program Files\AccessData\PostgreSQL\bin")
  3. Log into the database with the following command:
    psql -p [port] -U postgres -W -d adg
  4. Enter your "postgres" password when prompted
  5. Enable extended display (makes the output easier to read) with the following command:
  6. Use the following command to list all FTK users and verify the userid of the user account that should have “Application Administrator” privileges:
    select * from [schema].cmn_users;
  7. Use the following command to set the preferred user account to be an Application Administrator:
    UPDATE [schema].cmn_userentityrights SET roleid=100 WHERE userid=[userid];



This usually occurs when a user accidentally changes their role to something other than “Application Administrator”.




Refer to FTK Database SID And Schema Names for a list of database SIDs and schema names.