• Clear Reindex - Delete all reindex jobs from the work list. Older versions that created many work orders for reindex jobs cause the work manager console
  • Clear Bulk Print - Deletes all bulk print jobs from the work manager and marks them failed in the cases.
  • Fail Active Jobs - This marks any job on the system in the worklist or the work manager as failed. Requires Recycling of Services.
  • Fail All Productions - Marking all productions failed.
  • Not Processing All Cases - Forces the case into a Not Processing state and clears out the workflow40. Requires Recycling of Services.
  • Unlock All Users - This will mark all users that are currently locked out as not locked out.
  • OCR to Best Practice - Not Implemented yet
  • Enable AD Viewer - This will default the processing setting to default to the Standard Viewer for all cases.
  • Disable AD Viewer - This will default the processing setting to default to the Alternative Viewer for all cases.
  • Disable Tag Indexing - This will mark all cases processing setting as "Disable Tag Indexing".
  • Remove Dup Status - This will remove the duplicate status from load file imports. Note: When you add another piece of evidence this will need to be run again to remove the status. Works on all cases.

Regarding Failed Evidence jobs please review this help article about using FTK to remove the failed evidence: FTK Remove Evidence

Restarting the services after making these changes are recommended.

The "Fail All Productions" and "Not Processing All Cases" command buttons can help if you see the following error when attempting to delete a production or export set.

Error: Cannot delete production sets while jobs are running.