In iBlaze, the following errors may be encountered when attempting to view images:
Error 20010--Path to images was too long
When moving iBlaze from one server to another, the  following message may appear:
Filepath is too long.



According to Microsoft:

The Win32 file system limit is 260 characters.

Win32 application programming interfaces (APIs) have a maximum path limit of 260 characters. Applications fail when trying to access a namespace that goes beyond that limit. If the path length of a DFS namespace exceeds the Win32 API limit of 260 characters, users must map part of the namespace to a drive letter and access the longer namespace through the mapped drive letter.

Microsoft Reference link about MAX_PATH:


Applies To:

Though this help article was specifically written for Summation Iblaze, the MAX_PATH limitation can also affect all other Accessdata applications.