When restoring/attaching a case backup/archive it fails with error 103 and the FTK_log.txt shows the error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."



On every machine:

  1. Close FTK
  2. Open Windows Region settings (intl.cpl)
  3. Make sure every option in the dialog is the same for all involved machines

For any backups/archives where the original case still exists:

  1. After correcting the Region settings to match all other machines, make a new backup of the case
  2. Restore the backup at the desired location

For any backups/archives whose original case no longer exists:

  1. Open the Map.xml from that backup in a text editor
  2. In the section, look for Cause

    Your machines are not using the same region and date settings.  This causes the box where you're restoring/attaching to try and fail to interpret dates according to its own region and date format settings.