Problem: Searching against values in a Checkbox field returns none of the expected values.

Possible Cause:

Certain characters are considered word-breakers and are not normally indexed. Word-breakers include period (.), comma (,), and hyphen (-).

If the values in a Checkbox category value include a word-breaker, search results for those values may be unexpected. Please consider not using certain word-breakers within a category value.

The following characters can cause this issue.

Period (.)

Hyphen (-)

Comma (,)

This will occur with any designated whitespace character. For a full list refer to your case directory dts_idx\opts\Alphabet.txt file.

Steps To Reproduce:

1) Create a Checkbox Type custom field (e.g. name Fieldname).

2) Add a category value, for checkbox field from step 1, that contains a word-breaker character. E.g. using a period (.) character, add category value of "6.25.15 YES".

3) Code some records in checkbox field with category value from step 2 (e.g. code Fieldname with "6.25.15 YES").

4) Search for value from step 3, e.g. search "FieldName con 6.25.15 YES".

5) Search for "FieldName notcon 6.25.15 YES".

Actual Results:

Searches fail to return expected results.

Expected Results:

Searches return expected results.


Rename any category values that use a word-breaker and replace with an underscore character (_). E.g. Change "6.25.15 YES" to "6_25_15 YES".


Applies to

eDiscovery 5.6.3 SP3

Summation Pro 5.6.3 SP3

Note: The creation of illegal values will be prevented in a future build.