The following steps will allow you to remove a Virtual CodeMeter (VCM) from your PC.  This would be necessary if you have received a new VCM activation code or if you'd like to use a physical dongle instead.

If you receive the error "Unable to import the WBB" while activating a Virtual CodeMeter, this typically means there are remnants of a previous Virtual CodeMeter that you will need to remove with these steps prior to activating a new one.


1) Close License Manager and CodeMeter Control Center.

2) Open services.msc (i.e. the "Services" administration tool).

3) Find and stop the service named "CodeMeter Runtime Server".

4) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\CmAct

Note: Another possible location for the "CmAct" folder is "%programdata%\codemeter\CmAct".

5) Delete the .WBB file and any other files found in the "CMAct" folder, or move them to another folder, if preferred.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the virtual dongle files (e.g. *.WBB file) cannot be
regenerated. Move the virtual dongle files to another folder if you
need the ability to reinstate the virtual dongle (do not simply
rename them; they need to be moved to a different directory).

6) Restart the CodeMeter Runtime Service