1. MSDTC service is not started.

This can be caused by windows update or group policy forcing MSDTC into manual start type.

2. Server has gone to sleep or hibernate and Internet Information Services (IIS), where labelling exists, has not come out of the sleep state.



1. Set the service to Automatic or Automatic delayed.

Right click on Distributed Transaction Coordinator and choose properties. This is the dialogue you should see.

This is what it should look like now.

Also relating to MSDTC if you are manual you likely have other changes made so checking the MSDTC settings below are also recommended.

Under Administrative Tools open Component Services. Open up the tree on the left until you find Local DTC, right click choose properties and confirm the Security tab looks like below.

2. Set the system to High Performance on all systems hosting Accessdata services. Open up your power options by searching for power options in the windows search. See image below.




1. Group Policy, manual IT interaction, Windows security patch

2. Balanced is the default setting, this also can be controlled by group policy.


Other Problems: System seems to not respond until 15 minutes after I search.