When importing a BIN image of an Android device entire memory into MPE+, you may get an error that it's not a valid image.



Use Imager to separate the BIN into its respective partitions which can be read by MPE+:

  1. Add the BIN image to Imager
  2. Expand the entries for the first partition
  3. Right-click each "Unrecognized file system" entry and choose "Export Logical Image (AD1)"
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each partition in the BIN image
  5. Import the AD1 containing the USERDATA partition (typically the largest partition) into MPE+ and parse its data using MPE+'s Android parser



MPE+ may have trouble reading the partitions inside a full-memory BIN image.


Important Note:

Please use FTK Imager 3.4.0 or earlier to generate the AD1 image file.

AD1 files generated by FTK Imager 3.4.2 and later are not compatible with MPE 5.6.0 and earlier.


For further detail, see this help article below.