When installing the eDiscovery Database (App_DB) you get error 1722.



  1. Verify you are logged into Windows using the intended service account
  2. Open MSSQL Management Studio
  3. Log in to the database server
  4. In Object Explorer, expand the entry for your server
  5. Expand "Security"
  6. Expand "Logins"
  7. Verify that your service account is listed (if it is not, follow the steps in this article to add it)
  8. Right-click the entry for your service account
  9. Select "Server Roles" on the left and verify that user has the "public" and "sysadmin" roles
  10. Run the App_DB installer again
  11. If it continues to fail, check the AppDBupgrade logs in the %PROGRAMDATA%\AccessData for further errors



  • You are not running the installer under your service account
  • Your service account does not have Administrator permissions to MSSQL
  • The "Version" field in eDiscovery.dbo.ConfigurationInfo lists an unexpected version of the AppDB schema.
  • The existing eDiscovery Database is corrupt