How can I export email objects into a PST file?



Exporting email objects into a PST file requires one of the following applications be installed on all machines running the "AccessData Evidence Processing Engine"

Once one of these applications has been installed, instructions to export into PST can be found in the Exporting Data from the Examiner >> Exporting Emails to PST section of the User Guide.  



CDO does not support exporting Unicode email messages.  Attempting to export Unicode messages to PST with CDO installed will result in errors and the exported PST will be missing any Unicode email messages.  Exporting Unicode email messages requires Microsoft Outlook.

Both CDO and Microsoft Outlook cannot be installed on the same PC. If CDO is already installed, you must remove it before installing Microsoft Outlook. Likewise, you may receive an error if you try to install CDO when you already have Microsoft Outlook installed.