How do you image a RAID so that Exterro products can read it?



  1. Download and unzip Imager Lite to a thumb drive or portable HDD
  2. Boot the PC housing the RAID that is to be imaged
  3. Connect the drive with Imager Lite, as well as a drive larger than the RAID, to the PC
  4. Launch Imager Lite
  5. Go to File > Create Disk Image
  6. At the "Select Source" dialog, choose "Logical Drive" and click "Next"
  7. At the "Select Drive" dialog, choose a logical drive/partition housed on the RAID and click "Finish"
  8. At the "Create Image" dialog, click "Add" and proceed to output the image to the destination drive
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for any addition drives/partitions housed on the RAID



Exterro does not have software to rebuild RAID from individual disk images. Therefore, it is recommended to get physical images of the logical drives/partitions housed on the RAID.  These images will contain all information on the RAID except for unpartitioned space.