Loose files to AD1

Description: As part of the best practices when dealing with loose files in a directory. It is recommended to first put those into a forensic container to maintain the integrity of the dataset. By doing this you will prevent intentional or un-intentional tampering with the original data. Below are instructions on adding these files to an AD1 forensic container using the free FTK Imager program.

  • Download and install FTK Imager from the following location: https://www.exterro.com/ftk-product-downloads
  • Open FTK Imager
  • Open File menu and choose Create Disk Image
  • Select contents of a folder
  • You will get a prompt describing what will be included in the folder, click yes.
  • Choose path to the folder and click finish
  • Click Add
  • Add Tracking information for the AD1
  • Choose location and name of the AD1 file.
  • Click Start
  • After complete add as an image file to Summation Pro.