Symptom: Oracle installer gets almost to the end then says "Error occurred while running Database Configuration Assistant".

Possible causes:

  • Bad download/media
  • Not clean install
  • Oracle services are still on the PC
  • The computer name contains a number at the end.


  • Ensure that the computer name does not begin with a number.  If it does, change it before proceeding.
  • Ensure that "AccessData Oracle" is not listed in Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features.  If it is listed, uninstall it.
  • In the registry (regedit) navigate to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services and delete all keys that start with the word "Oracle".  Also delete the HKLM\Software\Oracle key, then reboot.
  • Delete the "Oracle" folder from the root of the drive that you specified as Oracle's install path (eg. if you installed Oracle on C:\, delete the folder "C:\Oracle").
  • Delete the "Program Files\Oracle" folder.
  • Mount/burn the Database installer and install Oracle.