Symptom: After starting the KFF 3.2 installation, it fails with the message "Internal Error 27557"

Cause: This is caused by an incompatibility between the old installer for Oracle and the original KFF 3.2 installer

Resolution 1 (Recommended for stability and compatibility):

  1. Back up all existing cases.
  2. Uninstall "AccessData Oracle 1.2" from the Add/Remove Programs menu.
  3. Delete the [Drive]:\Program Files\Oracle folder.
  4. Delete the [Drive]:\Oracle folder at the root of any attached drive where you have tried to install it.
  5. Delete HKLM\Software\Oracle from the registry.
  6. Download the newest Oracle installer ISO here.
  7. Mount the ISO and install Oracle.
  8. Launch FTK 3.2 to create the 3.2 schema in the new database.
  9. Install the 3.2 KFF.
  10. Restore any cases you backed up.

Resolution 2:

  1. Browse the contents of the FTK 3.2 App Install disk (or ISO) to the "KFF" folder.
  2. Copy the  FTK_32_KFF.7z. to the root of drive C:\.
  3. Unmount or eject the FTK App install disk (or ISO).
  4. Download the custom KFF 3.2 installer MSI from (username: support14, password: accessdata1) and save it to the root of drive C:\.
  5. Launch the AccessData KFF Library 3.2.msi.
  6. As you proceed through the installer prompts you should receive a message stating that it is unable to locate the disk.  You will then be prompted to provide the path to the folder that contains the 7 zip file (7z).
  7. After providing the path, continue through the rest of the installer as you would normally.