Symptom: FTK 3 will not launch the GUI when remoted in to the system


Cause: Before the application loads it’s window it calls the PRINTDLG function on UI thread(from the dllmain of sccvw.dll to be precise). By default in RDC 6.1 we use TSPRINT.DLL to enable EasyPrint functionality which appears to be causing an issue for this function which is unable to return the necessary printer information needed before we launch the main UI. All other threads are waiting for loader lock and UI thread which has loader lock is waiting for printdlg to return and so, the application never appears to launch, even though we see it in Task Manager as a running process.


TSPRINT is a driver for a new feature in RDC 6.x called EasyPrint (see  and  ) which redirects all print commands back to the client machine, avoiding the need to install any drivers on the actual terminal server. This replaces the previous fallback driver used in previous versions of RDP prior to 6.0 (Vista RTM).



Disable EasyPrint through Group Policy on the Terminal Server/s as follows:

Go to Start, Run, gpedit.msc, navigate to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Terminal Server\Printer Redirection and select properties of Use Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver first,  Set to Disabled and apply the setting before exiting the Group Policy snap-in.


(With Windows Vista\7, the path is Computer configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Printer Redirection)



Once disabled on the server, disconnect from the server.  Go to the client system MSTSC options enable printer redirection and reconnect.  The application should now launch.  If not, go to the printer options again on the client, and deselect printer. Then connect and launch.