The following steps will guide you through the process of restoring the Oracle parameters file from backup (using the backup created when Oradjuster was run):

  1. Within the Oradjuster folder, locate the folder named with the the time stamp of when Oradjuster was last run and open it.
  2. Note the full path of the ORA file contained therein.  This path will represent the value of the pfile (used later on).
  3. On the drive where Oracle was installed, open the folder that represents the Oracle Home.  (By default this folder is named AccessDataDB and is located at [Drive]:\Product\10.2.0\ )
  4. Within the Oracle home folder, open the Database folder and locate the file named SPFILEFTK2.ORA.  Note the full path to this file for use later on as the value of the path to the spfile.
  5. Use a text editor to form your command based on the following syntax:

    create spfile = 'path' from pfile = 'path';

    (Note that both of the paths should be surrounded by single quotes and the statement ends with a semi-colon character.)

  6. Open a command prompt window.
  7. At the SQL> prompt, issue this command:

    sqlplus sys as sysdba

  8. Enter the password for the SYS account (If during the installation of Oracle, the "Typical" setting was selected for the SYS account password, the password can be changed using Oradjuster.  CLICK HERE for more information.)
  9. Paste in the command you formed earlier and then press ENTER.
  10. At the SQL> prompt, issue this command:


  11. Ensure that all Oracle services are running according to Windows, and then wait 1 minute.
  12. Launch FTK and attempt to login.