This simple feature will allow you to take multiple fields and concatenate (merge) them into a single field. 


  1. On the load file generation screen click the  near selected mappings, this will open up the field contents text box as seen in the above image.
  2. The syntax for this Custom Field is fields separated by brackets: [Field Name1] [Field Name2]
  3. After you are ready Click Add, this will create a row in the field mapping area.
  4. Click the blank area to name your new field.

Here are some useful examples from our users, please comment with any additional uses of this feature:

  • To create a single field with a text path that exists in either of the tokens
  • To create a single field with Volume number and the export Time
  • To create a single field that contains BEGINDOC and ENDDOC with a dash in between (also known as BATESRANGE)